We look forward to growing our footprint and introducing  the OVS  experience to even more customers around  the globe!


OVS is Italy’s top clothing brand for women, men and kids, with over 900 stores in Italy and the rest of the world. Targeting a young and trend-driven crowd, the captivating selection is filled with Italian style to be worn for any occasion at affordable prices, carried in contemporary stores with a clean and essential design. Minimum store size is 800 sqm with an average store surface of 1200 sqm.


OVS KIDS is the undisputed market leader in the Italian kids industry, with a double-digit market share. OVS KIDS is present in all the OVS stores and also as a stand alone format with over 300 stores in Italy and abroad.

• size of store between 150–300 sqm
• target 0-14 age group
• product styled in Italy
• high quality and natural fabrics
• extremely competitive price positioning and value for money




Disclaimer: the above conditions are only informative and can vary considerably in accordance with several factors, such as country and/or city. Thus, on no account are these to be considered as a binding offer from OVS Spa. Should you be interested, please contact our Expansion department.

Who can became OVS franchisee partner?

Generally, to be considered as a potential OVS franchisee we would expect that any franchise applicant have  experience in the operating stand alone retail stores , and a good understand of local consumer and real estate landscape.

Store Location:

• Located in a main street or shopping centre.
• Retail surface area for OVS women/men/kids of approximately 800 net sqm and for OVS Kids approximately 150 net sqm
• Urban centre with a population of at least 80,000 inhabitants.
• Exclusive OVS interior design.

Store Design:

• Interior Design Project and Materials: approximately 450 euros/sqm (store equipment , flooring anf lighting).
• OVS takes cares of carrying out your store's interior design project

Business Model:

• Push model based on seasonal purchase value / 12 collection per year
• The stores are connected to OVS  HQ via an I.T. system which permits a real time information on the stock level
• Merchandise is to be backed by a bank guarantee
• An opening team assisting with the areas of: merchandising, window dressing, IT, stockroom organization, staff training
• OVS takes care of changing your store's window displays design on a regular basis. - Assisting you continuously on item display and sales issues with the help of periodic visits by product and merchandising professionals.


If you are interested in opening a OVS franchise, please contact our Expansion Department.